Is it possible to shift to Canada without IELTS in 2024?, or Alternatives to study in Canada without IELTS?, these are the major two questions most of them have searched in this year. Then the answer is “YES”, Over 20 Canadian universities and colleges currently accept students even if they don’t have an IELTS score. Non-native English speakers are able to demonstrate their proficiency in English through alternative tests such as TOEFL, PTE, CAEL, or CanTEST instead of IELTS. This flexibility enables international students to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate programs in Canada by utilizing these alternative language proficiency scores.

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Scholarships in Canada Without IELTS

The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships stand as esteemed scholarships provided by the Canadian government for international students engaged in postgraduate studies in the fields of natural and social sciences or health research. This comprehensive funding initiative not only supports exceptional researchers but also presents a distinctive chance to undertake research endeavors in Canada. The fellowships cover all financial aspects, ensuring scholars have the necessary support to excel in their academic pursuits.

The Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGS-M) program extends scholarships to Canadian students undertaking Master’s or Ph.D. programs at eligible universities. These scholarships, granted on the basis of academic merit, serve as a means of financial assistance for students throughout their graduate studies, supporting their academic endeavors.

The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) provides research awards for students from developing countries, facilitating the pursuit of Master’s or Ph.D. degrees in research at recognized Canadian universities. These awards are designed to bolster research initiatives that tackle global development challenges, reflecting IDRC’s commitment to supporting impactful studies in this field.

Moreover, there’re many universities won’t ask IELTS for joining. The some of them include as University of Winnipeg, Cambrian college, Brandon university, and more.

Through these ways you can study in Canada without IELTS. Presently recognized as the top country for quality of life, Canada boasts nearly 15,000 study programs spread across 97 public universities. This post delves into Canada Scholarships without IELTS, providing comprehensive details on how to pursue studies in Canada without the need for an IELTS score. These Canadian scholarships are fully funded, encompassing not only tuition fees but also covering living expenses for eligible applicants.

Moreover, international students in Canada enjoy the privilege of working on-campus or off-campus without the need for a work permit, although there are specific limitations on the number of working hours. Throughout academic sessions, students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week, and during scheduled breaks, they have the flexibility to work full-time. This policy offers students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience while pursuing their education in Canada.

In conclusion, although IELTS is a common prerequisite, there are diverse pathways to pursue higher education in Canada without this language proficiency test. A thorough comprehension of these alternative options and adherence to the specific criteria set by chosen universities and Canadian visa regulations are essential for a successful educational experience in Canada. Connect with the best Immigration Consultant in Kochi, Kerala to start your journey.