We are aware that many people are curious about the differences between permanent residence and Canadian citizenship. You are mistaken if you believe that permanent residency is the last step in your immigration procedure or if you are unsure of the difference between a Canada Permanent Residency and a Canadian Citizen. With regard to the rights granted to a person by the Canadian government, a PR and citizenship are different. However, obtaining permanent residency is the initial and vital stage in the citizenship process.

The majority of people believe that obtaining a PR is the most crucial stage, however, that is only the first step.

What is Permanent Residence?

A person who has moved to Canada and been granted the right to live there permanently has established permanent residency. Permanent residents are not Canadians; they are citizens of other countries. As a PR, you have access to the same privileges as Canadian citizens, including free healthcare. However, both statuses have separate procedures, requirements for eligibility, and benefits. For instance, having the ability to vote and take part in elections in Canada is the biggest advantage of becoming a citizen.

Who is a Citizen?

The main distinction between citizenship and permanent residency is you can enjoy the same rights as Canadian citizens who were born in Canada. Getting Canadian citizenship might be a dream for everyone. Are you trying to migrate to Canada as a student? then it’s high time to make a decision. We’re the best Canada Study Abroad Consultants in Kochi, Kerala will help you to build your abroad study dream. At METX360, we provide free consultations to offer personalized study recommendations as per your interests in location, program offerings and tuition fees.

Now we can see what are the crucial differences between a Canadian Permanent Resident and Citizen.

– Permanent residents of Canada are also subject to many of the societal obligations of Canadian citizenship, such as paying taxes and abiding by Canadian laws. Actually, there are just two things that Canadian citizens can do that permanent resident cannot. Voting and running for offices are not open to Canadian permanent residents. The employment of permanent residents in specific government positions needing a high level of security clearance is also subject to various restrictions.

– Permanent residents must have both their home country passport and a valid PR card or Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD) in order to leave the country. Because PR cards have an expiration date, they must be renewed frequently. You do not, however, automatically lose your status as a permanent resident if your PR card expires. To maintain your status as a permanent resident, you do need to meet some residency requirements.

– As a permanent resident, you are free to live anywhere in the world. You must, however, spend at least two years out of every five years in Canada.

These are the major differences between a Canadian permanent resident and a citizen.

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